Car Dealerships

At Privé Parking, we understand the unique needs of car dealerships and are committed to providing exceptional parking solutions tailored specifically for this industry.

We focus on helping car dealerships increase the volume of vehicles coming in for service while prioritizing customer service and minimizing liabilities and costs. By partnering with us, dealerships can enhance their Customer Service Index (CSI) ratings, streamline operations, and save money by outsourcing staffing. 

Here’s how we cater to the needs of our Car Dealership clients: 

Caring About Service

Privé Parking shares your commitment to exceptional service. We understand that car dealerships aim to provide their customers with the highest level of service.

By working closely with you, we align our parking solutions with your service goals, ensuring your customers’ experiences are positive and memorable.

Increasing Volume of Cars for Service

We specialize in helping car dealerships grow the volume of vehicles coming in for service. By optimizing parking space utilization and implementing efficient parking management techniques, we can accommodate more cars within your existing parking area.

We aim to maximize the number of vehicles you can service, allowing you to cater to a more extensive customer base.

Customer Service Index (CSI)

Privé Parking recognizes the importance of Customer Service Index (CSI) ratings in the automotive industry. Our services are designed to enhance your CSI ratings by providing exceptional parking experiences for your customers.

We prioritize professionalism, courtesy, and attention to detail to ensure that every interaction with our parking attendants leaves a positive impression on your customers.

Priority with Vehicle Brands

We understand that different car dealerships may have specific preferences based on the vehicle brands they represent. Privé Parking considers these priorities and customizes our services to align with your dealership’s needs.

Whether you focus on luxury vehicles, specific brands, or a diverse range of cars, our parking solutions cater to your requirements.

Minimizing Liabilities and Costs

Privé Parking helps car dealerships reduce liabilities and costs associated with parking and staffing. By outsourcing parking management and staffing, you can save money on hiring and training parking attendants.

Our team of experienced professionals handles parking operations, ensuring that you can focus on your core business while enjoying streamlined parking services.


“We guarantee a memorable world-class experience for your clients. We’re the first people they see when entering your venue and the last people they see when leaving.”

– Ricardo Louis, CEO


At Privé Parking, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional parking solutions for car dealerships. Contact us today to discuss how we can help increase the volume of cars coming in for service, enhance customer service, improve CSI ratings, and minimize liabilities and costs. Trust us to provide customized parking services that align with your dealership’s priorities and contribute to your overall success.