24 Drydock

Privé Parking is excited to offer transportation consulting services and take on the role of the Nubian Shuttle operator for the transformative 24 Drydock project.

The project aims to overcome commuting challenges for individuals from underserved communities seeking employment in life science buildings. Privé Parking’s expertise in transportation consulting and direct-to-employer solutions positions them as the ideal partner for this initiative.

Transportation Consulting

Privé Parking specializes in providing comprehensive transportation consulting services. We understand the significance of efficient transportation solutions in connecting underserved communities to employment opportunities.

Our experienced team of consultants assesses the specific needs and challenges of the 24 Drydock project. Leveraging our expertise, we develop customized transportation strategies to optimize commuting efficiency, reduce travel time, and enhance job satisfaction.

Nubian Shuttle Operator

As part of the 24 Drydock project, Privé Parking proudly assumes the role of the Nubian Shuttle operator. The Nubian Shuttle is crucial in its solution by providing direct transportation between underserved communities and life science buildings.

Privé Parking prioritizes convenience, safety, and reliability, ensuring that individuals can commute directly to their employers in a fraction of the time it would typically take using public transportation.

Challenge: Inefficient Public Transportation

The 24 Drydock project acknowledges the inefficiencies of existing public transportation systems, particularly for underserved communities. Privé Parking aims to address this challenge by providing a more direct and efficient transportation solution.

By reducing a 75-minute commute to just 15 minutes, we offer a direct-to-employer solution that significantly improves job satisfaction, enhances productivity, and increases opportunities for career growth.

Connecting Underserved Communities to Employment

Privé Parking’s primary objective with the 24 Drydock project is to bridge the gap between underserved communities and life science-building employment opportunities. We recognize the importance of empowering these communities with better access to jobs and economic growth.

By providing reliable and efficient transportation services, we enable talented individuals to commute seamlessly to their workplaces, establishing a direct connection between employers and employees.


“We guarantee a memorable world-class experience for your clients. We’re the first people they see when entering your venue and the last people they see when leaving.”

– Ricardo Louis, CEO

Privé Parking’s involvement in the 24 Drydock project demonstrates our commitment to creating positive and impactful transportation solutions. Our expertise in transportation consulting, combined with our role as the Nubian Shuttle operator, allows us to provide a direct-to-employer solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by underserved communities.

By offering efficient transportation services, Privé Parking contributes to the success of the 24 Drydock project. This project empowers underserved communities with improved access to employment opportunities. Contact Privé Parking today to experience the difference we can make in enhancing transportation and fostering economic growth for underserved communities.