Privé Parking is a leading solution provider specializing in parking and transportation consulting services.

Case Studies

These projects aim to address the parking and transportation needs of the Fenway Park area and Roxbury, including residents, commercial entities, and life science buildings. Privé Parking’s expertise in parking management, transportation consulting, and direct-to-employer solutions makes them the ideal partner for these initiatives.

Projects in Boston Metro

Privé Parking is a leading solution provider, and we offer comprehensive services tailored specifically to the needs of our clients. We have a wide range of expertise in parking solutions, transportation consulting, parking garage plan design, and collaboration with neighborhood associations and local government.

We are committed to creating positive and impactful transportation solutions that address the unique challenges faced by underserved communities.

114th NAACP National Conference

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Fenway Corners

Privé Parking understands the challenges posed by high-demand areas in the Fenway Park Neighborhoods, particularly during Red Sox games. Their team works closely with clients to develop effective parking strategies that optimize space utilization, minimize congestion, and ensure a seamless parking experience for visitors.

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P3 Roxbury

Privé Parking offers ample parking and transportation consulting services. Their experienced team of consultants collaborates closely with clients to assess the specific requirements of the P3 project. By understanding the needs of various stakeholders, they develop customized parking and transportation solutions that optimize space, traffic flow, and accessibility.


24 Drydock

Privé Parking specializes in providing comprehensive transportation consulting services. We understand the significance of efficient transportation solutions in connecting underserved communities to employment opportunities.

Our experienced team of consultants assesses the specific needs and challenges of the 24 Drydock project. Leveraging our expertise, we develop customized transportation strategies to optimize commuting efficiency, reduce travel time, and enhance job satisfaction.


Nubian Ascend

Privé Parking has partnered with a publicly traded parking company to create a parking garage designed explicitly for the Nubian Ascend project. We understand the need for innovative parking solutions that align with the growth and increased local business activities in the Nubian Square area.

Through our collaboration, we aim to design and develop a parking facility that optimally accommodates the parking needs of residents, businesses, and visitors.