P3 Project Roxbury

Privé Parking is excited to provide parking and transportation consulting services for the P3 project in Roxbury.

The project aims to address the parking needs of two life science buildings while also accommodating the requirements of commercial entities and residents in a dense area. Privé Parking’s expertise in parking management and transportation consulting positions them as the ideal partner for this endeavor.

Parking and Transportation Consulting

Privé Parking offers ample parking and transportation consulting services. Their experienced team of consultants collaborates closely with clients to assess the specific requirements of the P3 project. By understanding the needs of various stakeholders, they develop customized parking and transportation solutions that optimize space, traffic flow, and accessibility.

Roxbury Parking Solution

As part of the P3 project, Privé Parking aims to create effective parking solutions in Roxbury. With over 500 parking spaces, their goal is to provide ample capacity to meet the demands of life science professionals, commercial entities, and residents in the area.

Privé Parking’s expertise in parking management enables them to design and implement strategies that maximize parking efficiency while considering the neighborhood’s unique characteristics.

Underground Parking Garages

To address the parking needs of the two life science buildings, Privé Parking proposes the creation of two underground parking garages. Their team collaborates with architects and construction professionals to design these garages, ensuring functionality, security, and seamless integration with the surrounding infrastructure. The underground design optimizes space utilization while minimizing the visual impact on the neighborhood.

Parking Solutions for Affordable Buildings

The P3 project aims to provide parking solutions for two affordable buildings besides the life science buildings. Privé Parking recognizes the importance of accessibility and affordability for residents and develops tailored parking solutions to accommodate their needs. By considering affordability, proximity, and convenience, they ensure that residents have adequate parking options within their budget.

Challenges in a Dense Area

The P3 project presents the challenge of accommodating multiple user groups in a dense area. Privé Parking specializes in managing parking and traffic flow in such environments. By employing innovative strategies, efficient traffic management techniques, and intelligent parking design, everyone can easily park, access, and exit the area. This mitigates congestion and optimizes the overall experience for all stakeholders involved.


“We guarantee a memorable world-class experience for your clients. We’re the first people they see when entering your venue and the last people they see when leaving.”

– Ricardo Louis, CEO

Privé Parking’s involvement in the P3 project in Roxbury showcases its commitment to delivering comprehensive parking solutions and transportation strategies. Their expertise in parking management, underground garage design, and addressing the needs of diverse user groups allows them to develop tailored solutions that meet the project’s unique challenges.

By collaborating closely with clients and stakeholders, Privé Parking creates a thriving, accessible environment for life science professionals, commercial entities, and residents. Contact Privé Parking today to experience the difference they can make in optimizing parking and transportation in your community.