Local Shuttle Service Solutions

At Privé Parking, we offer direct, reliable, and safe shuttle routes to various destinations, catering to a wide range of needs. Whether commuting to work, attending special events, traveling to the airport, transporting students, facilitating connections between transportation lines, or supporting local and state government, our shuttle services are designed to provide convenience and efficiency.

Here are the key features of our Shuttle Service:

Workforce Opportunities

We believe in creating opportunities for individuals by offering business-to-employee shuttle services. By providing reliable transportation options, we help remove barriers to employment, ensuring that employees can easily commute to their workplaces. Our shuttle service is vital in enhancing workforce accessibility and fostering a productive work environment.

Airport Transfers

Privé Parking offers hassle-free transportation to and from the airport. Our shuttle service ensures a comfortable journey, picking you up from your home or a designated location. Our experienced drivers will safely transport you, your companions, and your luggage to the correct terminal, providing a seamless start to your travel experience.

Government Support

We also provide transportation services to local and state government organizations to support public transportation systems such as the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority). Our shuttle service assists in bridging gaps, ensuring government employees can fulfill their responsibilities and serve the community effectively.

Student Transportation

We understand the importance of safe and reliable student transportation. Our shuttle service caters to various educational needs, including transporting students to school, after-school programs, field trips, sports activities, and other extracurricular events. To ensure the safety of students, all our drivers undergo comprehensive background checks, including CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) and SORI (Sex Offender Registry Information) checks.

Corporate Connections

Privé Parking facilitates seamless connections between significant transportation lines and corporate buildings. Our shuttle service offers convenient transportation options for corporate employees, ensuring they can easily commute to and from work. We prioritize reliable and punctual service, providing employees with a stress-free and efficient transportation experience.

Experience the Privé Parking Difference

Privé Parking is committed to providing high-quality Shuttle Services that prioritize convenience, reliability, and safety. Our dedicated team and experienced drivers work tirelessly to ensure a smooth transportation experience for all passengers.