Fenway Corners

Privé Parking is a leading solution provider offering comprehensive services tailored to the Fenway Park Neighborhoods.

Our expertise includes parking solutions, transportation consulting, parking garage plan design, and collaboration with neighborhood associations and local government to optimize routes and commutes, especially during Red Sox games.

Parking Solutions

We understand the challenges high-demand areas pose in the Fenway Park Neighborhoods, particularly during Red Sox games. Our team works closely with clients to develop effective parking strategies that optimize space utilization, minimize congestion, and ensure a seamless parking experience for visitors.

Transportation Consulting

Our experienced consultants offer comprehensive transportation consulting services for the Fenway Corners project. We analyze existing transportation infrastructure, assess traffic patterns, and identify opportunities for improvement.

By understanding the neighborhood’s needs, we develop customized transportation plans that enhance efficiency and convenience for residents, visitors, and game-goers. 

Parking Garage Plan-Design

We excel in designing parking garages that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our team of experts collaborates with clients to understand their requirements and create plans that maximize parking capacity, incorporate efficient traffic flow, and adhere to relevant regulations. We ensure the design of the parking garages seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment, enhancing the overall urban landscape. 

Collaboration with Neighborhood Associations and Local Government
We recognize the importance of working closely with neighborhood associations and local government to create the most efficient routes and commutes for the Fenway Park Neighborhoods.

Our team actively engages with these stakeholders, gathering insights and incorporating community feedback into their planning and implementation processes.

By fostering strong partnerships, we aim to create sustainable and harmonious transportation solutions that benefit the entire community.

Cost-Effective Budgeting

Privé Parking is committed to creating cost-effective budgets for parking garages within the Fenway Corners project.

Our financial experts assess project requirements, conduct thorough cost analyses, and identify opportunities to optimize spending without compromising quality or functionality.

We work closely with clients to develop budgets that align with their financial goals and ensure the successful implementation of the parking garage project.


“We guarantee a memorable world-class experience for your clients. We’re the first people they see when entering your venue and the last people they see when leaving.”

– Ricardo Louis, CEO

Privé Parking’s Fenway Corners project showcases its dedication to delivering innovative, tailored parking and transportation solutions. Through our expertise in parking solutions, transportation consulting, parking garage plan-design, collaboration with local stakeholders, and cost-effective budgeting, Privé Parking can create efficient and sustainable parking and transportation systems.

Our commitment to the success of the Fenway Park Neighborhoods and the development of Fenway Corners sets us apart as a trusted partner. Contact Privé Parking today to experience the difference we can make in optimizing parking and transportation in your community.